Thursday, November 13, 2014

"The Love Ship" Chapter 1, The Matchmaker

Ella led a privileged life being the daughter of Cupid and Emmaline, a Fae Queen. Cupid and Queen Emmaline were longtime friends who would spend balmy nights together making love on the beach in the land of Faerie. Neither wanted a marriage, as Emmaline knew Cupid wasn't one to settle down. She'd lost her beloved King a century before, and she still missed him terribly. However, she was a beautiful woman who had certain needs. the two had mutual respect for one another, and the relationship they had suited them.

They always tried to be careful and prevent a pregnancy. However, even in Faerie, nothing is foolproof, and Emmaline conceived during a long night of passion with Cupid. This pregnancy resulted in the birth of Ella, a beautiful fairy princess.

Queen Emmaline lavished her daughter with love and brought her up according to Ella's station. Cupid was also very involved in his daughter's life. Although the two parents weren't together, it didn't seem to faze Ella, who was a happy and playful child.

Queen Emmaline had her daughter tutored in music and dance as well as other creative activities. Ella was a quick study and was always joyful and smiling. She had a natural curiosity abut the world around her and had a zest for learning.

As she grew older, Ella became more and more fascinated with her father's "work." She'd often ask to accompany Cupid as he shot his arrows at unsuspecting would-be lovers, and her heart warmed every time it worked out between a couple. She'd hug her father tight and grin. "We did it, Father. Now they'll be happy forever." Her beautiful pink wings fluttered excitedly as Cupid hugged his little girl in return.

Ella's wisdom increased day by day, and she came to realize that her father's methods could be a bit reckless. She often discussed this with her father, who smiled and shrugged. "Ah, Ella, my heart, I am afraid your father is nothing more than an overgrown child. My main fault is a kind of tunnel vision where I only see the absolute present and cannot often think of the future. I'm a mischievous one with many shortcomings, my daughter. You, on the other hand, see everything more clearly. You have your mother's pragmatic spirit yet my playful nature. Perhaps I should just turn the reigns over to you. You are more suited for matchmaking than I am."

"Oh, Father, that isn't so," Ella said, kissing his cheek. "We can continue to do this together. I like it better that way."

As time passed, Ella grew more and more fascinated with the art of romance and all aspects of love. She studied couples as they interacted with each other, read every romance novel seemingly ever written, and even did some matchmaking on her own without the aid of her father. She often encouraged a person to make the first move and would set things up to bring forth a romantic mood between a couple. When she was successful, she often viewed it as a notch on her belt and smiled in satisfaction when realizing her mission had been accomplished.

With age came more responsibilities as a fairy princess next in line for the throne. She honestly tried her best to do her job well, but she was restless. Queen Emmaline and Cupid saw it plainly and shared many a worried conversation about it together.

"It's your fault, you know, If you hadn't encouraged her to go on all those outings with you--" the frustrated queen said, shaking her finger at her longtime friend and still frequent lover.

Cupid sighed. "Give it a rest, Em. How could I discourage her when she loved it so?"

The queen ran a frustrated hand through her hair. "I know, I know. I'm just so worried, but I shouldn't take it out on you. Forgive me."

Cupid laughed and kissed Emmaline's cheek. "You know I cannot hold a grudge for long. I am worried too. Ella tries to be happy, but she yearns for something she is not getting here, and honestly, I am at a loss."

However, it was Ella who sought out her parents with an idea she'd been brainstorming. She hugged them and sat them down for a long talk. "First of all, please understand I am not ungrateful. I just feel there is more to my destiny than this. I feel I must somehow be a part of Father's work but in a different way. I want to make my way in the physical world. You know how turbulent things are there. If I can help somehow bring love to help calm some of the stormy seas, I shall feel fulfilled. I will not forget my duties and want to see both of you so very often, but I feel there is something I must do."

Her blue gaze met those of her parents as she continued. "I have been thinking about this a lot and have come up with a solution. I just need your blessing."

"What is it, darling? I can tell you have a lot on your mind," the queen said.

"I do, Mother. Well, here it is. You remember the time I was exploring Isla Paradiso and loved the climate there. I got to thinking that if I could make a big, luxurious ship, I could invite people to stay with me until I found their true love, their soulamte, for them. The ship would have everything humanly possible for comfort and the guests could enjoy themselves to the hilt while I search for their life partner. Once done, I would give them a wedding and the couple would stay on until their first child was born. I, then, would help them find somewhere to live and it would be up to them to nurture that love."

"That sounds like a lovely gesture, Ella, but a lot can go wrong. Firstly, you would have limited space, even on a super yacht. Next, you could get someone with less than adequate scruples. Besides that, you'd have people lined up until Doomsday, not to mention it would be a lot of work for you."

"Oh, but I thought of all that," Ella said, her pink wings fluttering merrily. "I've even designed the ship myself." She handed her parents a set of plans she'd drawn up herself. "You see, there would be three guest suites so I could have three guests at a time. Ideally, two guests at once would be better, but I feel it's best to have extra room if needed. I've even designed an application and screening process so I'll know that whoever I select is on the up and up. The guests also agree to pay me a fee in order for them to help keep their perspective and keep things legal. They would also go through a personal interview session with me before their application is approved." She handed her parents the application form she'd written.

Cupid frowned when he saw the amount Ella was asking for the fee. "This isn't very modest but it is not over the top either."

"I felt it was a suitable amount to be meaningful, and if it comes to it where someone could not afford the fee, I would work that out, of course. The fee does not really matter to me, as I do not need the money, as you know."

Queen Emmaline handed the papers back to Ella and studied her daughter. "I can tell you have thought long and hard about this, and I must say it is an admirable gesture. At the same time, you do realize that some of our kind will think you quite daft at wanting to help humans in this way."

Ella laughed and shrugged a slender shoulder. "Oh, Mother, you know times are changing and that the old council members need to get over their Medieval outlook. Besides, it would not be only humans I would help. I would not discriminate amongst whatever life state a guest has." She took her mother's hands and squeezed them. "Oh, Mother, this is so important to me. I feel this is what I was born to do. Please understand."

Queen Emmaline sighed and hugged her daughter. "Darling, I do. If this is truly what you feel is right, I will order construction to begin on your ship immediately."

"I agree with your mother, sweetheart. If this is what you feel you must do, far be it for me to stand in your way," Cupid said.

Ella's smile lit the room as she hugged her parents tight. She hurried off to begain making her plans, leaving her parents to talk.

"She is so set on helping others find their heart that I hope she does not forget about herself," Queen Emmaline said. "She has yet to show any interest in any of the young men here."

"Ella will find her way," Cupid said. "We must trust her in this adventure as we've always trusted her before."

Ella had explicit instructions on how she wanted her ship built. It was a big job, and she knew it would take time. When it was finished, she was very pleased with the quality of the work and the timeframe it was completed in.

Here is the houseboat tour.

Living Room.


Dining Room.

Downstairs Bathroom.


Outside deck.

Hot tub area.

Bar and coffee area.

Ella's bedroom.

Ella's bathroom.

Ella's private deck.

Guest Suite #1.

Guest Suite #2.

Guest Suite #3.

Creativity Room.

Magic Room.

Skill Room.

Outdoor cooking area.

Workout room.

Game room.

Rooftop Garden.

Ella smiled the entire time she was looking over her beloved ship. She giggled at seeing how pink the outside and her bedroom was. She loved pink and was so proud of her lovely pink wings. They were the color of romance, and she wanted a ship to match her personality.

She selected her wardrobe well and dawned a pink strapless dress that matched both her personality and new job description. She also adopted the surname of Principal since she knew she'd need one while living in the world of humans.

Ella took a few days to settle in and make sure everything on the ship was running smoothly. She wanted everything to be perfect before her first guests arrived so they would feel right at home. Ella went to bed that first night with a peaceful feeling in her soul and was lulled to sleep by the soft sound of the ocean waves and the gentle rocking motion of her new home.