The Love Ship Chapter Guide

This is a story featuring my ultimate good fairy, Ella Principal, whose mission in life is to find soulmates for her "charges." The daughter of Cupid and a Fairy Queen, Ella lived a privileged life. She was always fascinated with her father's work but felt it needed a bit more refinement and thought and she was the fairy princess to see to it.

Ella had a large ship (houseboat) built in Isla Paradiso where she takes in two people at a time to work with. Once she finds them their life partner, she gives them a wedding and offers to let them stay until their first child is born. Then, she helps them procure other living arrangements for the new family and then has another person move in.

This challenge/story is of my own making and is a featured Let's Play on my Youtube Channel. I love doing the video series so much that I thought I'd try to put it into story format and see what happens.

Chapter 1, The Matchmaker

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