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I am Sharon, aka Sweetnightingale. I must confess that I'm a latecomer to the Sims franchise. I began my Sims journey with The Sims 3 just after the Pets Expansion Pack was released in 2011. I went on a Sims shopping spree and got all the Expansion and Stuff Packs for Sims 3, including Pets.

However, now, let's backtrack. Prior to this, the only thing I'd connected with Sims was that I thought it was a character generator or Avatar creator. I had absolutely NO idea that it was actually a game. See, loving writing as much as I do, I wanted to find some software so I could create a visual of what my characters looked like. I could picture them in my head, of course, but I wanted an actual image to put in front of me for inspiration. And then, I found Sims.

I came across some videos on Youtube of people playing The Sims 3 and my jaw about hit the top of my desk. Well, after doing some research and watching A LOT more videos, I realized it was more than just a character builder. I HAD to have it and play it, and the addiction was born.

I was so excited when the discs arrived and wasted no time in getting the content installed. I played for hours and hours on end, getting used to the game and how things worked. Ah, it was so refreshing to play something that wasn't a shoot-em-up game or a racing one (I always get laughed at when playing something like Mario Kart because I'm constantly driving my car off the road). I loved how you could make these characters, give them different traits, and that there was no wrong way to play.

Once I got used to things, I, myself, became a Sims LP'er. I started out with a couple of Sims 3 series and, surprisingly enough, I became somewhat popular on Youtube. As if Sims 3 wasn't enough, I went on a hung for Sims 2 and got the EP's and SP's for that series. Then, I got the Sims Ultimate Collection (the original Sims Game) as well as some other Sims games such as Sims Medieval and Sims Life Stories. Of course, Sims 4 had to be in my collection when it came out.

As much as I loved playing and making LP's, I wanted to find other ways to tell stories with my Sims. I never delved into making Machinima because that task, even now, is daunting to me. I'm more of the pen (fountain pens, that is) and ink kind of person and found that I wanted to write. I browsed the internet for some inspiration and saw how folks were putting pictures in with their stories. I thought to myself, "Hey, I can do that!" So, I got familiar with Pose Player and discovered the joys of posing my Sims to set whatever mood I was trying to create. With that under my belt, the creative juices started flowing and my muse has been working overtime. That is how I started combining two things I love; writing stories and playing Sims.

My characters and pictures are done with The Sims 3. As much as I love all my other Sims games, I'm just a diehard Sims 3 fan. It was what I learned on and will always be my go-to game.

If you'd like to contact me, there are several ways. You can e-mail me at sweetnightingale2907@gmail.com and I will reply as soon as I can.You can also comment on my videos on my Youtube channel and I'll respond back. I'm a member of the Sims forums, so you can PM me there or tag me on a thread with @sweetnightingale and that will get my attention.

If you're interested in reading any of my other stories, you'll find them on the sidebar of this blog.

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